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Pear shape body in transition

Sketchbook 2009-November

She is woman…or is she pear?

This is what needs to change. We have a reunion coming up this fall and I want to be that inside woman…not that outside one. I need to eat more pears, not appear like a pear at the party. Green drinks; salads…I found my cuisinart, cleaned it up and have started shredding everything into salads: zucchini, sweet potato, jicama. I’m going to try beets and rutabaga tomorrrow.


Our Tin House in Sonoma

William Solis is not just a fabulous artist; he is a creative person in everything he does. This is the fairytale get-away he has created for us…built on land owned by our dear friends Maurine and Dan. By the way, we are not allowed to call it an “ailer-tray”; we must say Tin House, circa 1973.

a 1973 trailer

The Tin House with deck by William Solis

built around 2 trees and a stump

deck around the Tin House

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