Testicles of the Right Whale

I just saw a special on mammals and it said the Right Whale has testicles that weigh one ton and a 12 foot penis. I rented this series from Netflix. I must say my partner, William, wasn’t all that excited when all 3 movies arrived in the mail and turned out to be documentaries on mammals, but he was pretty impressed with the Right Whale…and there were pictures of it in action! The flexible penis works like an elephant’s trunk. Highly recommend this series…I consider it a great compromise between action movies, pornography and chick flicks.

Colored pencil drawing of avant garde rat

Avant Garde Rat


I don’t have any drawings of whales, so have added my rat. Why? Because the rat may have a bigger testicle to body-size ratio than the right whale. “The first sight of a male rat can be a shock to the uninitiated. Those testicles, giant pillow-like things hanging behind the rump, seem to take up one’s entire field of vision. Rat testicles — also known as torpedoes [damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead] and goolies…” from www.RatBehavior.org. Check out the site and read about the reason for these large goolies yourself. My Avant Garde Rat is, obviously, a female so there are no goolies. I like this word. I think we should all use this word instead of the common slang terms. Goodness gracious, great goolies of fire…I don’t think that really works.

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