Famous architects: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin, Christopher Wren and Antoni Gaudi

Frank Lloyd Wright's home in Spring Green, Wisconsin: Taliesin

Frank Lloyd Wrights home in Spring Green, Wisconsin: Taliesin


Frank Lloyd wrights barn at Taliesin, Spring Greeng, Wisconsin

It was a beautiful day for a drive through Wisconsin. We drove from Hudson to Darlington and passed Taliesin on our way through Spring Green. My brother-in-law’s mother, Lola, once told us that Frank used to come into the bakery where she worked in Mineral Point and buy pasties (the kind you eat, not the kind you wear, though that would certainly make a more interesting story!). He invited her to a party at his house, but she didn’t go. My mother told me he wasn’t well-liked in the Madison area because people thought that he thought too much of himself…probably a far bigger sin than his lifestyle, which didn’t endear him to Wisconsin folk either. That dumping-the-wife-with-the-kids-for-the-younger-woman thing was not popular in Wisconsin in the early part of the 1900’s. My father actually went to a party at his house in Spring Green when he was a young man…Frank was a friend of Dad’s uncle, Tom Bowden.

I just realized I couldn’t name any famous architects other than Wright so looked up a list : http://architect.architecture.sk/. Interesting to see that only a few names on the list jumped out at me, most of them were born over 100 years ago and there are no women on this list. Christopher Wren’s hairdo is the closest we get. (I did not take this picture of this painting of Christopher Wren…I keep wanting to say Christopher Robin!)

Portrait of Christopher Wren

Christopher Wren

Don’t women become architects? Why not? Considering how much building is always happening all over the planet, this is a remarkably small list.

One of my personal faves is Antoni Gaudi:

Image by BiancaSunshine of top of antoine gaudi church

This picture is from a blog by Bianca Sunshine…I don’t think it’s her real name, do you? Here’s another link to a video about Antoni Gaudi.

    • Tina
    • April 13th, 2010

    Sarah, what a gorgeous shot! Thanks for sharing! Travel safe… xoxox tm

  1. So entertaining! Now I get to see the bldg you told me about. Did your dad like the party?

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