Creating From the Spirit by Dan Wakefield…cover image by Sarah Curtiss

Novelist, journalist and screen writer Dan Wakefield is using one of my artworks for the cover of his book Creating from the Spirit…my first book cover commission for a book that wasn’t my own!  See below for a fabulous description of this uplifting book. You can order on-line by visiting Beech River Books or through
Press release for Creating from the Spirit by Dan Wakefield

On sale now!


In this passionate, clearly reasoned book, award-winning journalist and novelist Dan Wakefield explodes the many myths often associated with the mysterious creative process. Drawing on examples from religion, philosophy, and literature and exercises such as journaling and right-brain drawing, CREATING FROM THE SPIRIT teaches us that the key to creation is clarity of body, mind, and spirit. Wakefield also challenges the “dangerous nirvanas” of drugs and alcohol as false agents of inspiration. CREATING FROM THE SPIRIT teaches anyone who wants to become more creative how to access our natural perceptions and hidden resources, a process brilliantly expressed in the lives and words of twenty “creators from the spirit.” Wakefield interviews artists and writers, scientists and athletes, CEOs and chefs — all of whom have learned to embrace each moment as a creative act. Now you can, too.

    • Maurine Kilo
    • August 3rd, 2010

    can’t wait to order it!

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