Johnny Appleseed and the symbiotic apple

yellow bowl of red applesI saw a special on apples. Apples originated in huge apple tree forests in Asia…all different kinds, sizes, shapes and colors. Apparently the genes of all these different types of apples are in the seeds of all apples. This is why apple seeds are not planted to grow apple trees. Apple trees must be grafted to guarantee a particular type of apple. If the seeds are planted, the odds are that you will not grow the same type of apple tree that you planted. This is a lot like people. You just never know how a person is going to turn out no matter who the parents are. Infinite diversity in everything.

An added bit of info about apples is that Johnny Appleseed was not poor, though I believe he was a tacky dresser. When he heard settlers were going to settle in a particular area he would go there first and plant apple seeds. Seeds you say…you thought I just told you to graft apple trees to get good apples. Well Johnny Appleseed was not after good apples for apple pie. His apples were all going for hard cider so it didn’t matter what type of apples he grew. By the time the settlers arrived in the new settling area, Johnny would have seedlings from his seeds and this is what he would sell to the pioneers. The hard cider was not just for fun. It was necessary because of water pollution. When humans settle an area one of the first things we do is ruin the drinking water.

The special I saw put forth the idea that the apple has become one of the most successful species of plants worldwide because it decided to hitch its wagon to the human train. It worked with humans to develop the kind of apples that would make humans spread it all over the world. Is this the same as flowers developing certain colors and scents to attract bees for pollination? I really enjoy the concept that other species are using us to make themselves successful. The special mentioned other plants that have developed the same symbiotic relationship with humans, among them were potatoes and cannabis. I should write a story about the secret agenda of the cannabis plant. First it made itself illegal by being a little too friendly with us humans and now it is trying to become legal, at least here in California. Clever little bugger, isn’t it?

green apple oil painting

Is the apple trying to take over our world? Or will cannabis beat it to the punch?

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