St. Stupid’s Day parade, San Francisco, April Fools Day 2011

fine art photograph by san francisco artist sarah curtiss of man in dress with top hat using a walker
fab-u-lous, dahling, just fab-u-lous

The St. Stupid’s Day parade is an April Fools Day tradition in San Francisco. Our fearless leader is Bishop Joey (I keep calling him Pope Joey) of The First Church of the Last Laugh. We met at Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero, congratulated each other on our home-made costumes and signs…not for us some store-bought design…and madly photographed each other, then proceeded in an unruly manner up Market Street. We bowed down to the Federal Reserve. Bishop Joey preached about something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. We chanted loudly “No more chanting No more chanting No more chanting” then moved on to various plazas in the Financial District, including the old Stock Exchange, which is now a health club, by the way. Bishop Joey and his band played loudly and we threw socks in the air in a giant sock exchange. By the time we arrived at the black stone banker’s heart in front of the Bank of America Building more and more men had shed their clothing…it must have been all the drums. It didn’t seem to affect the women in the same way. People stared down at us from their offices. We pointed at them and chanted “go back to work go back to work go back to work.” Then we threw pennies at the black heart. Bishop Joey preached some more, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Wavy Gravy of Woodstock fame, in his standard clown outfit, followed us around in a recliner in the back of a truck pulling three Doggie Diner heads. What’s the point of it all? There is no point; it’s Stupid!

I was very busy photographing backsides for Bay Area Backsides ( but did manage to capture a few pretty interesting front sides, too. Click on my fave fellow parader above to see a slide show of the fronts. The backsides will be posted one at a time on

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