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Rush Hour

Rush Hour


Beautiful poem by Maurine Killough


it was before the en. when circular doorways and soft-edged answers grooved the way

it was the time of howling blood and baby bile without shame

a time before pipes

and indoor plumbing

when the loss of a golden ring was mourned and memory buried

not caught in the drain trap

wrenched open with sweat stained tool

and rescued to Behold…

those had not been invented yet

before high rises and forklifts

it was a time to praise the moon

to plant before sunrise

in the days when a stone hovel was enough

and the rain bled through

when rituals and ceremony were the staple

a circular life clean of edges

with eyes that could see into the third dimension

with hearts that beat with mother earth

and there was death and the unexplained

there was drought and suffering

laughter and feast, cold and cuddling

it was simple and fatal…

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