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“Magic Maestro” for Mitchell Klein


A tribute poem written for Maestro Mitchell Klein, Conductor of the Peninsula Symphony Orchestra.
The poem is written in three “movements” to imitate a classical piece. The first movement is my experience of what it’s like to listen to a classical piece…a sort of day dream story. The second movement is taken from 30 years of programs Maestro Klein introduced. The last, third movement, is inspired by the scrap book the orchestra made to celebrate his 30th year.

 Click here to watch the video

I. Rhapsody in WhiteAndante grazioso

Shhh….you can hear it…!

the silence of the snow-covered valley

a cathedral of ice crystals dazzle in sunlight~

the painter draws one curled note of a lone winter bird

waves his brush like a magic wand and

pixie dust particles prance across the stage

the players entranced, the house in a spell

a masterpiece begins to unfold

snow crystals…

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