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Lila Afiouni Australian fine art acrylic artist in residence at Root Division on 17th Street in San Francisco

Lila Afiouni is an Australian abstract painter, staying in San Francisco for 6 months to paint. Her work is quite beautiful. I am thrilled that I won the silent auction at the Root Division fund raiser for a bottle she painted.

Be sure to check out her website as her older work is also quite beautiful. She was a resident artist in Paris for 6 months on her last sabatical. I want to take a sabatical to Paris to make art.

Root Division Taste 2011 a delicious and fun event

image of ceramic sides of meat from the root division fine art and food show in san francisco

ceramic sides of meat

Root Division is an organization of Bay Area artists working for a livable existence in an arts and arts education community.” Their Taste 2011 was a delicious combination of food and art inspired by food. Located on 17th Street near South Van Ness, this organization has interesting art shows almost every month, though I have to say this last one really had the food going on. I have more pictures of food than art! Sorry about that. The artist who made these giant ceramic pieces is Cathy Lu,¬†one of the co-curators for the exhibition. Be sure to check out Root Division as they also have art classes for adults and youngsters.

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