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Country Girl


Nothing To Say


Fran’s Sisters

Original drawing   

Printed on tile 

City Blocks




Pastels Patsy


The City

The City

Blue Nude in Parallel Universes Circling a Black Hole

Blue Nude in Parallel Universes Circling a Black Hole

Skinny Legs And All

india ink drawing

Babs on the Beach in Boots

Babs on the Beach in Boots

Living on the Edge

Living on the Edge

Day Trippers

Day Trippers

Have you seen Pa’s cow?

Have  You Seen Pa's Cow?

When we were kids, if we walked into a room and drawled “Have you seen Pa’s cow?” it was the signal that you had something new on so everyone notice and compliment!

She Appeared Out Of Nowhere…The Only Feature On A Featureless Landscape

Female figure india ink and ink

Walking the Dog in Pink

ink and marker drawing

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