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Genetically Modified Trees and other plants

The following article is a must read for everyone. Monsanto is a scarey corporation and their push of genetically modified food is right out of a sci-fi-horror show.

The following video explains from a scientific point of view why we need to STOP the creation of genetically modified trees.

BUY ORGANIC!! And check out how toxic the other items you use on your body can be if you make bad choices:

The End of Emergency in Ottawa

Sarah Curtiss painting of red woman with yellow hair and elbows out; pear body alter ego

Mabel, Mabel, strong and able

All right…this is the final result of my near death experience in Ottawa (earlier post). I went to a neurologist a couple of days ago and she told me I had damaged the nerve that runs over my elbow…she called it my funny bone. I think we should call it my crazy bone as I obviously lost my mind during this entire experience. She then warned me about putting my elbows on the table…even asked me if I had my elbow on the table when I was at the restaurant in Ottawa when the initial problem happened…probably, with a book in my hand. After trips to two different emergency rooms, making my stomach bleed from taking all that aspirin, caffeine withdrawal headaches and all the accompanying stress, my diagnosis is that I must have hit my crazy bone! Suggested treatment: keep your elbows off all hard surfaces…Mabel Mabel, strong and able, get your elbows off the table. The universe has a really good sense of humor.

Pear shape body in transition

Sketchbook 2009-November

She is woman…or is she pear?

This is what needs to change. We have a reunion coming up this fall and I want to be that inside woman…not that outside one. I need to eat more pears, not appear like a pear at the party. Green drinks; salads…I found my cuisinart, cleaned it up and have started shredding everything into salads: zucchini, sweet potato, jicama. I’m going to try beets and rutabaga tomorrrow.

In the beginning…of 2010

My Body Is Changing And I Don't Like It!

I need to change a lot of things this year. First, I need to make a living. While I am trying to figure out how to do that, I am going to create a healthier me. Maurine made me watch this movie about healthy living and I am now trying to eat 50% of my food raw… vegetables/fruit that is; extra rare steak or sushi do not count as raw. This is not easy for a mac-and-cheese kinda woman, because, no, neither cheese nor macaroni are raw foods either and even if the cheese was made with raw milk, Maurine says that doesn’t count. You could probably make your own cheese with raw almonds…Maurine does!…but I think I’d best start off with something simple like a green drink each morning: an apple, some raw ginger, some water and a bunch of parsley in the blender. Oh, and the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is drink the biggest glass of water you can handle…even before you drink your green drink and definitely before you have coffee.

By the way, that is not a picture of me! Not that I wouldn’t probably look pretty similar were I to pose nude for a bunch of people to draw me, but I don’t have that kind of relationship with my body. This woman said she had been posing nude for 40 years. I must say, she was a lot of fun to draw, though there was a moment of shock when she first showed up and stripped down bucko nakedo. No one’s eyes met anyone else’s eyes in the room for quite awhile.

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