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Happy Halloween!!

I was a skunk; William was a Jackson Pollock painting.

Folsom Street Fair…the definition of fetish

people dressed in rubber fetish outfits

there's someone for everyone

OK, I know there are odder street fairs, but not many! I have a few more pictures posted on Flickr, but don’t go there if you are easily offended. The rest of my pictures are being posted on because they are, guess what, backsides.

I helped hand out free condoms and literature for RAMP, a nonprofit organization that recycles AIDS medications to organizations in Zimbabwe, Chile and  Honduras. No one that works for RAMP takes a salary, so every penny donated goes toward the cause, providing life-saving drugs to patients who otherwise have no access to them. Donated medicines come from individuals, health professionals, and community groups. You can read more about RAMP, and donate to this cause by going to

Low Rider on Valencia Street

closeup of wheel from low rider on valencia streetphotograph of bright yellow low rider on valencia street in san francisco

Easter in Dolores Park was a hoot!

three sisters dressed for easter in whiteface and easter dresses

Click on the image to see a slideshow of more images from Easter.

St. Stupid’s Day parade, San Francisco, April Fools Day 2011

fine art photograph by san francisco artist sarah curtiss of man in dress with top hat using a walker
fab-u-lous, dahling, just fab-u-lous

The St. Stupid’s Day parade is an April Fools Day tradition in San Francisco. Our fearless leader is Bishop Joey (I keep calling him Pope Joey) of The First Church of the Last Laugh. We met at Justin Herman Plaza on the Embarcadero, congratulated each other on our home-made costumes and signs…not for us some store-bought design…and madly photographed each other, then proceeded in an unruly manner up Market Street. We bowed down to the Federal Reserve. Bishop Joey preached about something, but I couldn’t hear what it was. We chanted loudly “No more chanting No more chanting No more chanting” then moved on to various plazas in the Financial District, including the old Stock Exchange, which is now a health club, by the way. Bishop Joey and his band played loudly and we threw socks in the air in a giant sock exchange. By the time we arrived at the black stone banker’s heart in front of the Bank of America Building more and more men had shed their clothing…it must have been all the drums. It didn’t seem to affect the women in the same way. People stared down at us from their offices. We pointed at them and chanted “go back to work go back to work go back to work.” Then we threw pennies at the black heart. Bishop Joey preached some more, but I couldn’t hear what he said. Wavy Gravy of Woodstock fame, in his standard clown outfit, followed us around in a recliner in the back of a truck pulling three Doggie Diner heads. What’s the point of it all? There is no point; it’s Stupid!

I was very busy photographing backsides for Bay Area Backsides ( but did manage to capture a few pretty interesting front sides, too. Click on my fave fellow parader above to see a slide show of the fronts. The backsides will be posted one at a time on

Fire Breathing Dragon in the Year of the Rabbit

Photograph of light streaming from a dragon at the Chinese New Year's parade in San Francisco

Fire breathing from the Dragon as it winds through the streets

Photograph of dragon head at the Chinese New Year's parade in San Francisco

The Head of the Dragon in the Year of the Rabbit

Chinese New Year’s: the rain was just ending as the parade began

Small girl with umbrella marching in Chinese New Year parade 2011

children walking in Chinese New Year's parade 2011

Remember that old joke?

Monkey hanging on a fence with his private parts in his mouth

Monkey Business

Why do dogs lick their privates? Because they can. I did not take this photo. Someone emailed it to me ages ago and I saved the photo because I just knew there would be a day when it would come in handy. And here is the day.

Halloween at Thom’s…it was a gas. Thanks Thom for the brilliant production.

and the winner of the best costume is:

Yes, dahling?

Come to the Cabaret, my friend


Phyllis Diller was there

The police kept us in line

The police keeping us in line and maybe having just a bit too much fun doing it.


Hell, Hell, the gang's all here.

William with his lady friends.

Explaining to the ghoul how to behave at the party

The party's over.

These are all the pictures I took…I was busy!

The Dog Goddess Temple of Fort Funston

Dog in front of ruins on Fort Funston beach

The living Dog Goddess, Dinah, patrolling the temple grounds.

ruins on Fort Funston with a plaque to the Dog Goddess

We move closer to the Dog Godess Temple

Close up of wall art of dog goddess on ruin

The Temple of the Dog many dog gods and goddesses have blessed this holy place?

Graffiti on old pipes on Fort Funston beach

Secret hieroglyphics from the Dog Goddess Cult

The beach and huge old cypress tree from the top of Fort Funston

Goodbye Dog Goddess. We shall return to worship on your beach.

Outdoor kitchen at the Tin House

outdoor kitchen in process

Outdoor Kitchen by William Solis (in progress)

outdoor living room on a deck

outdoor living room at the Tin House

dining room


This is an update on the Tin House. The kitchen is a work in progress and should be tiled in a week or so. William Solis is a super hero. The table is made out of an old fence. He is the ultimate recycler.

Maurine’s 50th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to Maurine

Maurine dressed in 50's outfit kissing for camera

Happy 50th from Maurine

 For more of Maurine’s Birthday Party pictures click here.

It Ap-pears to be Autumn

four pears

A Sparrow’s Tragedy


Female Sparrow hit by car

A female mate was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road, and the condition was soon fatal.

Her male mate brought her food and attended her with love and compassion.

He brought her food again, but was shocked to find her dead.

He tried to move her - a rarely seen effort.

Aware his mate was dead, he cried...and stood beside her.


Millions  of people were touched after seeing these photos in  America , Europe, Australia , and even India .   
The  photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to  the most famous newspaper in France .    
All  copies of that edition were sold out on the day these  pictures were published.
Many humans believe animails that share this planet don’t experience feelings.

Sent to me by Steph Loving…thanks Steph.

Bubbles for Boobies and other signs I never thought to make

girls in window with signs saying show us your boobs and weiners

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