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Evolution Explained

Great video: basic evolution in a nutshell.

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie and Noah, drunk and naked

I am about 1/3 through Rushdie’s book and really enjoying it. It is a wonderful, larger than life tale including historical fiction, magic and mythology, family dynasty and family disfunction all set against the backdrop of the independence of India and Pakistan. It was published in 1981 so I’m surprised I haven’t read it before. I just finished a part where the storyteller as an almost-9-year-old boy hides in a large basket of laundry in his mother’s room, accidentally sees her naked (and a bit more) and is traumatized for life.

I recently finished The Harlot by the Side of the Road by Jonathan Kirsch. He tells the Old Testament tale of Ham, son of Noah, who saw his father naked and drunk and told his brothers about it. Noah then curses his grandson Canaan, who is the son of Ham, and all of the future descendents of Canaan (the Canaanites) to slavery. Why not curse Ham, the guy who really saw him naked? This is actually in Genesis. Seems to be a recurring nightmare among our species…to see our parents naked or in a compromising position. Is that because of the Noah story or were we, as a species, already freaked out that our parents might be human and have naked bodies back in the days of Noah?

I found a blog with a post about the Noah story which was pretty funny. It’s called, Oh Damn, Noah’s drunk and naked again.

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