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The Postman Always Knocks…how many times?

This is one of the best tech things that has happened to me in a long time. I was in a non-technical law partner’s office. He wanted an hour of personal tutoring on his computer. I looked at his Inbox and commented on his 20,000 emails, 1200 of them unread. He got a bit excited and asked me how I knew these numbers. I pointed to them on the screen. He then told me he could not understand how there could be 1200 unread emails. He came in every morning and printed out that day’s emails. He didn’t look at his computer again until the next morning when he printed out THAT day’s emails. That’s right…he thought his electronic mail only came once a day, just like his snail mail. He missed all email that arrived after he printed each day. He had never noticed that some emails were bold and some were not. He had never noticed the Unread with the ever growing number after it. I almost reached for my cell to text everyone I knew right in front of him, but held myself back until I had time to post it to the entire internet.

Pretty darn cool

Take a look at this laptop This is the technology I’ve been waiting for. I want one!!

…link courtesy of Mary O’Toole.

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