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Outdoor kitchen at the Tin House

outdoor kitchen in process

Outdoor Kitchen by William Solis (in progress)

outdoor living room on a deck

outdoor living room at the Tin House

dining room


This is an update on the Tin House. The kitchen is a work in progress and should be tiled in a week or so. William Solis is a super hero. The table is made out of an old fence. He is the ultimate recycler.


And then there’s our Tin House

Blue Trailer with backside of woman in red dress and boots painted on inside door

The Tin House

That was then…this is now. Our Tin House on a mountain in Sonoma does at least carry the “blue” theme as a narrative in my life. William Solis’ sculpture-in-the-making can be seen on the coffee table. He calls it the Unicorn Goddess. The center is a solid concrete core with 7 different faces peeking out from a found-wood framing with the appearance of old bone. The sculpture looks like a prehistoric artifact and weighs 60 pounds.

William Solis in claw foot tub of deck around Tin House at Cinque Terre

And here's the artist, William Solis, hard at work

Our Tin House in Sonoma

William Solis is not just a fabulous artist; he is a creative person in everything he does. This is the fairytale get-away he has created for us…built on land owned by our dear friends Maurine and Dan. By the way, we are not allowed to call it an “ailer-tray”; we must say Tin House, circa 1973.

a 1973 trailer

The Tin House with deck by William Solis

built around 2 trees and a stump

deck around the Tin House

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