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On Wisconsin … photos from the righteous demonstration in Madison. Cheers to the Fab 14!

The public sector middle class is being demonized and pitted against the private sector middle class. I thought the battle for employee representation in the workplace had been fought and won. Yes, everyone has to pitch in and compromise during these economic times, but that should not include taking away the right to collectively bargain. Why would anyone want to become a teacher when so much contempt is being ladled onto the profession? Do we want the teaching profession to become the repository of those who could get no other job? Teachers were willing to pay more of their health and pension benefits which amounted to a substantial overall take-home pay decrease. The reasons behind busting the unions cannot bode well for the middle class of America.

Sign petitions, donate, vote them out of office.

My cousin Anne Thompson has been attending and photographing the demonstrations in Madison. These are some of her photos.

Anne's Friend Margaret 91 yrs

Walker's a Steeler Not a Packer

Wake up Badger

Kicked the Wrong Dog

Enraged Wisconsin

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