Everything IS, a book of questions with abstract illustrations

abstract image representing Infinite Sentience

Everything IS questions the basis of our very existence and that of Everything else in this universe and others. It is a visual, intellectual and spiritual journey into the infinite connections in our realities, forging bridges between science, art, philosophy, religion, math, history, fashion, evolution and ants.  I will post a new page with its corresponding image a couple of times each week.    

“…The artistry of Sarah Curtiss is so stunning that even a literary, totally non-scientific dummy like me was captivated and entranced by it. Her work enabled me to think and imagine outside of my own circumscribed box.”…….. Dan Wakefield, author of “Releasing the Creative Spirit”    

“…stunningly beautiful book…Sarah Curtiss has her own captivating way of expressing her ideas and surveying the whole of nature.”…….. Kenneth Ford, author of “The Quantum World”


My first theory is called the Theory of Universal Totalities (aka Queen TUT): 1) Everything groups and everything ungroups; 2) Everything is made up of groups of other things. These are the only two statements I was able to make that applied to everything from subatomic matter to super clusters of galaxies and possibly clusters of universes; from fashion to religion to evolution. If there is no smallest unit of matter or energy, or if at the most basic level there is nothing but potential, then the group is everything.     

This segues to my second theory, Infinite Sentience: If we remove the naughty science ban against anthropomorphizing and allow sentience to exist on all levels from the subatomic to the cosmic, we begin to see a pattern of grouping and ungrouping based on the decisions of all entities involved. Maybe things happen because infinite numbers of decisions are being made by infinite numbers of sentient entities coming from infinite grouping and size perspectives.     

Are we the cultural, artistic, political, technical…achievements of our inner cosmos? Are we creating other entities through the groupings involved in our own cultural, artistic, political, technical…achievements? Are we in the paradoxical position of being a God to our inner cosmos and also the product of its (their?) thoughts and values? Is Everything in this paradoxical position? Does the technology of a smaller cosmos become its own god which then creates its own technology which becomes its own god…?     

We are used to the idea that we are ruling a small planet in a large galaxy in a universe of galaxies. However, we still think our configuration is the center of intelligent life. Out of all the multitude of groupings of matter that we know exist between the subatomic and the cosmic, between the small and the large, our size is the only presumed place where intelligent life could evolve? My book explores these ideas and others.

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