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for love and money

a charm for good_luck_with_love_and_money

my new good luck charm

Blanca, a Salvadoranean friend of mine, had her mother send me a good luck charm from Salvador. I have to wrap it in green for money luck…and not just any old shade of green; a particular shade of moneyish looking green…and red for love. I am wrapping mine in both because what good will the money do me if I lose my love.

I did not ask her what type of bone or tendon this is. I was too surprised by the gift, and the seriousness with which it was given, to ask what it was. I just scrambled around looking for the correct green and red until Blanca was satisfied. Plus…one of my goals this year is to make a bunch of money. I wasn’t about to look a good luck money charm in the, in the whatever.

I have to carry it with me at all times. I have taken to wearing my purse around my neck all day long…even indoors. It is hanging off my shoulder as I write.  I haven’t slept with it yet. How many boners does a woman my age want in bed at any one time…heh heh heh.  William finds it really creepy so he probably wouldn’t take to me sleeping with it either and thus the “love” part of the charm might become tarnished. Everyone else who has seen it thinks it is really cool and wants one of their own. I really do love where I live and the people I know!

Maybe Blanca’s mother could start a new business…this could be where our money will come from! We will sell Salvadoranean boner charms to Americans. I should probably find out what it is first. Several friends think it comes from the private parts of some critter, but I think that is just the salacious temperament of those particular friends. A Peruvian friend of mine thinks it is a lucky rabbit’s foot…not quite like the fuzzy ones I remember from my childhood.

Seriously, though, wasn’t it really sweet of Blanca’s mother in Salvador to do this for me. I already really like the Salvadoranean people I know and I am madly in love with Salvadoranean restaurants. I now have still another reason to spend my time eating pupusas…the Salvadoranean grilled cheese sandwich. As an aside here, why is it that the Salvadoraneans can give me two freshly hand-made thick tortillas stuffed with cheese and lightly fried for $3.60 and it costs like $6.00 for one single American grilled cheese?

Pear shape body in transition

Sketchbook 2009-November

She is woman…or is she pear?

This is what needs to change. We have a reunion coming up this fall and I want to be that inside woman…not that outside one. I need to eat more pears, not appear like a pear at the party. Green drinks; salads…I found my cuisinart, cleaned it up and have started shredding everything into salads: zucchini, sweet potato, jicama. I’m going to try beets and rutabaga tomorrrow.

Our Tin House in Sonoma

William Solis is not just a fabulous artist; he is a creative person in everything he does. This is the fairytale get-away he has created for us…built on land owned by our dear friends Maurine and Dan. By the way, we are not allowed to call it an “ailer-tray”; we must say Tin House, circa 1973.

a 1973 trailer

The Tin House with deck by William Solis

built around 2 trees and a stump

deck around the Tin House

In the beginning…of 2010

My Body Is Changing And I Don't Like It!

I need to change a lot of things this year. First, I need to make a living. While I am trying to figure out how to do that, I am going to create a healthier me. Maurine made me watch this movie about healthy living and I am now trying to eat 50% of my food raw… vegetables/fruit that is; extra rare steak or sushi do not count as raw. This is not easy for a mac-and-cheese kinda woman, because, no, neither cheese nor macaroni are raw foods either and even if the cheese was made with raw milk, Maurine says that doesn’t count. You could probably make your own cheese with raw almonds…Maurine does!…but I think I’d best start off with something simple like a green drink each morning: an apple, some raw ginger, some water and a bunch of parsley in the blender. Oh, and the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is drink the biggest glass of water you can handle…even before you drink your green drink and definitely before you have coffee.

By the way, that is not a picture of me! Not that I wouldn’t probably look pretty similar were I to pose nude for a bunch of people to draw me, but I don’t have that kind of relationship with my body. This woman said she had been posing nude for 40 years. I must say, she was a lot of fun to draw, though there was a moment of shock when she first showed up and stripped down bucko nakedo. No one’s eyes met anyone else’s eyes in the room for quite awhile.

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