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William Solis: The Wall

12 abstract paintings in a grid on a black wall representing San Francisco hearts

I Broke My Heart in San Francisco

William Solis has a new series. This takes up an entire wall of our flat…the black wall. They are all variations on a heart.

Next up will be chickens…cage free of course. He has made four of them so far and is planning an entire wall of them. Stay tuned.


There is a nude woman on the hood of my car

Hood Ornament


I decided to paint my 1990 Geo Tracker…give it a face and body lift. A friend was riding with me the other day and someone on the street was conspicuously staring at us. I turned to my friend and asked why the @#! are they starting at us? She said it might be my new paint job. I said, Oh.

Sitting Woman in Towel

The back and back of the butt of a woman sitting

Back of Sitting Woman in towel

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