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What do artists do when given wire and household objects?

Great show of creativity. Thanks Steph Loving.

This would make a fabulous party idea for folks of all ages. And cheap!! All you would need is wire and a bag of cheetos…or popcorn. Yes, popcorn would definitely have to be there, too.


Post modern Egyptian ink drawing in San Francisco

Ink drawing of woman with face, chest and butt facing front and legs facing to the side

Modern day Egyptian drawing from a sort of modern San Francisco woman

I saw an art history special recently which stated that the basic style of ancient Egyptian art did not change for 3,000 years. They created a grid under their paintings and each body part was assigned a certain number of squares in the grid, which is one of the reasons they all came out looking so similar.

The Egyptians painted people so that their favorite angles of the body showed at one time: the face in profile, the upper torso face on, the legs facing to the side. No real person could actually pose like these pictures. So I decided to draw my own favorite drawing angles…the face and chest to the front, the butt to the front (yes, those big circles are buttocks) and the legs to the side. It’s freeing to put the body parts at a personal preference angle; like wearing whatever clothes your hand grabs from the closet rather than matching them together for an outfit. There are about 10 drawings in my sketchbook which tend to make me believe this method doesn’t always create an aesthetically pleasing final product. This was definitely the best of the bunch. I have been told that the aesthetics of many of my clothing choices follow this same pattern.

Thoughts Dancing

Squiggly spiral of a woman drawn in ink with one hair sprouting from her head and forming a profile of another face

Thoughts Dancing Around in my Head

A Creative Wall

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think slideshows may become my new thing.

William Solis: The Wall

12 abstract paintings in a grid on a black wall representing San Francisco hearts

I Broke My Heart in San Francisco

William Solis has a new series. This takes up an entire wall of our flat…the black wall. They are all variations on a heart.

Next up will be chickens…cage free of course. He has made four of them so far and is planning an entire wall of them. Stay tuned.

Dressed for the party with blue elbows, giraffe dress and fabulous hat

Portrait of a woman with gold hair and blue joints

Self portrait with blue elbows and long golden tresses

Love that gold eye shadow and matching lipstick

Ink and marker drawing of woman sitting in chair with big legs and a small chest

Self-portrait sitting like a lady

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