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Dressed for the party with blue elbows, giraffe dress and fabulous hat

Portrait of a woman with gold hair and blue joints

Self portrait with blue elbows and long golden tresses


Here I am without eye makeup…it’s almost impossible to recognize me

ink drawing of woman sitting in yellow chair with a leaf for a head

Self-portrait without eye makeup

The Dog Goddess Temple of Fort Funston

Dog in front of ruins on Fort Funston beach

The living Dog Goddess, Dinah, patrolling the temple grounds.

ruins on Fort Funston with a plaque to the Dog Goddess

We move closer to the Dog Godess Temple

Close up of wall art of dog goddess on ruin

The Temple of the Dog many dog gods and goddesses have blessed this holy place?

Graffiti on old pipes on Fort Funston beach

Secret hieroglyphics from the Dog Goddess Cult

The beach and huge old cypress tree from the top of Fort Funston

Goodbye Dog Goddess. We shall return to worship on your beach.

Maurine as a Chocolate Bar

Naked woman on cover of chocolate bar label

Lord of the Decadent

Hey I can put ANYONE’S face on this label!

Maurine’s 50th Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to Maurine

Maurine dressed in 50's outfit kissing for camera

Happy 50th from Maurine

 For more of Maurine’s Birthday Party pictures click here.

How Do We Know When It’s God, by Dan Wakefield

Novelist, journalist and screen writer Dan Wakefield is using one of William Solis’s artworks for the cover of his book How Do We Know When It’s God?  See below for a fabulous description of this uplifting book. You can also order this book on-line by visiting  or through at

Decades of atheism and hard-living were interrupted by a profound religious reawakening–experiences recorded in RETURNING: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, which Bill Moyers called “one of the most important memoirs of the spirit I have ever read.” The unexpected challenge of maintaining his faith “over the long haul…after the first flush of rediscovery” is the focus of this inspiring memoir. Wakefield’s hard-won realization that spirituality is not static, and that each day holds the promise of renewal, will resonate for any reader who seeks to keep faith. Dan Wakefield is a journalist, screenwriter and best-selling novelist.

Genetically Modified Trees and other plants

The following article is a must read for everyone. Monsanto is a scarey corporation and their push of genetically modified food is right out of a sci-fi-horror show.

The following video explains from a scientific point of view why we need to STOP the creation of genetically modified trees.

BUY ORGANIC!! And check out how toxic the other items you use on your body can be if you make bad choices:

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