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Xiaonan Sun’s video of a portrait created on a table in salt


Pink hat with coordinating lipstick

Lady with pink hat, turquoise shirt and pink lipstick

Red Roses for a Blue Lady

Portrait of a woman with a blue face, red lips and yellow hair

Blue, I am Blue, Just as Blue as I can be

Thoughts Dancing

Squiggly spiral of a woman drawn in ink with one hair sprouting from her head and forming a profile of another face

Thoughts Dancing Around in my Head

A Creative Wall

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think slideshows may become my new thing.

William Solis: The Wall

12 abstract paintings in a grid on a black wall representing San Francisco hearts

I Broke My Heart in San Francisco

William Solis has a new series. This takes up an entire wall of our flat…the black wall. They are all variations on a heart.

Next up will be chickens…cage free of course. He has made four of them so far and is planning an entire wall of them. Stay tuned.

Love that gold eye shadow and matching lipstick

Ink and marker drawing of woman sitting in chair with big legs and a small chest

Self-portrait sitting like a lady

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