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A Creative Wall

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I think slideshows may become my new thing.


Love that gold eye shadow and matching lipstick

Ink and marker drawing of woman sitting in chair with big legs and a small chest

Self-portrait sitting like a lady

Fashion with gel pens

gel ink drawing of woman with copper hair, head band and dress

Fall Fashions

I was given a set of metallic gel pens and it has changed my drawing style. I didn’t realize my style was dependent on my tools. I have now drawn a gazillion of these fashionable ladies…almost none of them are chubby. I guess a thin line makes a thin drawing.

Sleeping Beauty

Pretty woman in black sun dress sleeping

Sleeping Beauty

From a sketchbook of women that is almostĀ full…120 pages.

Maurine as a Chocolate Bar

Naked woman on cover of chocolate bar label

Lord of the Decadent

Hey I can put ANYONE’S face on this label!

The Apple and Eve

representation of Eve

Eve and the Apple

It Ap-pears to be Autumn

four pears

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