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William Solis: The Wall

12 abstract paintings in a grid on a black wall representing San Francisco hearts

I Broke My Heart in San Francisco

William Solis has a new series. This takes up an entire wall of our flat…the black wall. They are all variations on a heart.

Next up will be chickens…cage free of course. He has made four of them so far and is planning an entire wall of them. Stay tuned.


How Do We Know When It’s God, by Dan Wakefield

Novelist, journalist and screen writer Dan Wakefield is using one of William Solis’s artworks for the cover of his book How Do We Know When It’s God?  See below for a fabulous description of this uplifting book. You can also order this book on-line by visiting  or through at

Decades of atheism and hard-living were interrupted by a profound religious reawakening–experiences recorded in RETURNING: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY, which Bill Moyers called “one of the most important memoirs of the spirit I have ever read.” The unexpected challenge of maintaining his faith “over the long haul…after the first flush of rediscovery” is the focus of this inspiring memoir. Wakefield’s hard-won realization that spirituality is not static, and that each day holds the promise of renewal, will resonate for any reader who seeks to keep faith. Dan Wakefield is a journalist, screenwriter and best-selling novelist.

And then there’s our Tin House

Blue Trailer with backside of woman in red dress and boots painted on inside door

The Tin House

That was then…this is now. Our Tin House on a mountain in Sonoma does at least carry the “blue” theme as a narrative in my life. William Solis’ sculpture-in-the-making can be seen on the coffee table. He calls it the Unicorn Goddess. The center is a solid concrete core with 7 different faces peeking out from a found-wood framing with the appearance of old bone. The sculpture looks like a prehistoric artifact and weighs 60 pounds.

William Solis in claw foot tub of deck around Tin House at Cinque Terre

And here's the artist, William Solis, hard at work

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